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Laser Hair Removal


Our Diode Laser Hair Removal has gained huge popularity. Our cool tip laser has practically made our laser hair removal experiacne painless. Elimating unwanted hair, ingrown hair, pigmnetation and not to mnetion  no more hassle with razor bumps, irritations and rashes.  Absoulty excitlent for light-dark hair and skin. Results seen by third session. Absoulty safe, afforable, and gives long lasting reesults. 

Laser Treatment

Skin Resurfacing

Our skin resurfincing laser treatment will lift, revive and regenerate skin's collagen. using light impulsive radio frequency, the laser stimulates the collagen to start moving and working. you feel a slight pulsating sensation. when collargen is stimulated the skin automatically lifts and gives a radiant glow. results are instant and continue to evolve 3-8 weeks after first treatment. 

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